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Welcome to our dedicated section on visual contracts

This space offers insights into the integration of visual elements within contract management, aiming to enhance clarity and comprehension. As the field of visual contracts continues to evolve, our blog seeks to provide informed perspectives, research findings, and industry best practices.

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Research: Visual contracts understood 29% more accurately, 35% faster

Stefania Passera is one of the most influential researchers in making contracts more comprehensible and user-friendly. 

Why visualize contracts?

Contracts form the backbone of business relationships, shaping collaborations, commitments, and expectations. However, several challenges often lead to value loss in these crucial agreements.

Underskrivelse af en kontrakt
Underskrivelse af en kontrakt

FAQ: Visualizing contracts

As visual contracts gain traction, we encounter numerous questions from businesses and individuals curious to understand this innovative approach to contracts.

Beyond mere aesthetics, how do visual contracts impact business relationships?

Office Talk
Finansiel rapport

The role of Visualization in Risk Management

Risk mitigation is a paramount objective. The emergence of visual contracts as a tool can change how businesses approach this challenge.

In the construction industry, where complex projects often involve multiple stakeholders, visual contracts provide valuable solutions. 


Visualization of contracts minimizes the risk of value loss

Visualization may have great impact on minimizing the risk of value loss in contracts. 

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