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FAQ: Visualizing contracts

As visual contracts gain traction, we encounter numerous questions from businesses and individuals curious to understand this innovative approach to contracts. In this VIXCO post, we'll address some of the most common queries we come across.


  • What is a visual contract?

A visual contract is a visual mediation of contractual agreements and elements that utilizes graphics, illustrations, and simple text to make the content more comprehensible and accessible to all parties involved.

  • How can visual contracts benefit my business?

Visual contracts can reduce misunderstandings, expedite the negotiation process, enhance relationships with clients and partners, and minimize the risk of disputes.

  • Can any contract be made visual?

While most contracts can benefit from visual elements, some complex legal agreements might require a more detailed textual explanation. However, even intricate contracts can have visual summaries or overviews.

  • How do clients and partners react to visual contracts?

Many clients and partners appreciate the clarity and simplicity of visual contracts, as it makes it easier for them to understand their rights and obligations - and also to gain an overview over other parties' responsibilities in the legal agreement. 

VIXCO's visualization system

  • How do I start implementing visual contracts in my business?

Begin by consulting your internal legal and implementation team. Consider if you are communicating your contracts effectively enough. If you decide that visualizing contracts might be an option for you, consult design experts experienced in visual contracts such as VIXCO. Also, consider testing the concept with a small group of clients or partners

  • How do I update an existing contract to a visual contract?

The first step is to review the existing contract to identify key elements and then work with designers such as VIXCO to visualize these components.

  • Are there any drawbacks to visual contracts?

As with any approach, there can be challenges. It's essential to ensure that the visual contract doesn't compromise legal clarity or precision, which we at VIXCO are extremely careful to always work with our clients to ensure. 

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