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Visualization of  Contracts and Guidelines

Communicating your contracts or guidelines is a huge task.

Let us help you. 

Contracts and legal guidelines are increasingly complex and entangled in numerous departments in the organization. This also means that clear communication has become even more important. 

By leveraging our speicalized graphics, you'll bege able navigate contracts, ensuring that employees and departments across your organization remains on the same page. Experience the efficiency and trust that come with transparency.

The visualizations VIXCO provides are specialized and diverse, catering to various aspects of organizational needs. 

Enhanced Understanding

Makes complex legal terms and contractual conditions more accessible for all employees

Effective Communication

Reduces misunderstandings and improves internal communication by presenting contracts in a clear manner

Improved Compliance

Improves understanding of legal obligations, ensuring consistent adherence to regulations and reducing the risk of non-compliance

Visual abstract

Transform your contract to a project management tool

Our methods

Click on the visualisations below to learn more

The Process

Analyserer diagram
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Business Præsentation

1: We Analyze your Contract and/or Guidelines

After initial meeting:

We analyze your contract and prepare the procedure.

Kick-off meeting:

 Any questions regarding the contract are addressed, laying the foundation for a transparent and mutually understood project framework.

2: We produce animation videos and/or graphics

First Draft Presentation:

This is a critical step where the first tangible results of the project are shared, and you get an opportunity to review and provide immediate feedback on the visualization.

Second Draft Presentation:

In the second round, adjustments are made according to the feedback, and a second draft is presented.

3: You now have the tools to communicate effectively

Final Product Presentation:

A meeting is held where the final product is presented. At this point, there is still room for minor tweaking, ensuring that the you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.

Your Gains:

Improves your organization's compliance, while significantly enhancing both internal and external communication, thereby ensuring more efficient and effective decision-making.

"We find that the implementation of and communication about new contracts can be a challenging task. Here, we particularly see that VIXCO helps us navigate this through visual communication to our users."


Jacob Prange

Divisional Manager, Procurement & Medico Technology, Central Denmark Region

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