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We visualize contracts

Communicate your contracts and enhance efficiency and compliance in your organization

Why visualize?

Create more value

Visualizing contracts speeds up negotiation, execution, and management, boosting efficiency, strengthening relationships, and creating more value for organizations.


By presenting clauses graphically, stakeholders grasp requirements, reducing misunderstandings.

Simplify the complex

Studies show that visual contracts are understood 35% faster and 29% more accurately. Additionally, people remember 80% of what they see, compared to 20% of what they read.


Fostering improved communication enhances collaboration and drives greater value for organizations.


9,2% average value erosion in
your contracts

In a recent report by WorldCC, it was found that the average erosion on contracts value for companies stands at 9,2%


Contracts are difficult to use

and understand

Failure to engage


Poor handover from

deal to implementation


1: Contract Analysis

Analyzing the complex

At VIXCO, we utilize cutting-edge AI tools in conjunction with our mediation skills derived from media science to create clear and easily digestible visual representations of complex legal terms and documents.

2: Visualization process

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that every organization is unique, and therefore, VIXCO offers customized solutions that cater to your specific needs. We transform your legal content into interactive graphical elements, ensuring that all members of your organization can grasp and work with vital information without the need for in-depth text document analysis.

3: Create more value

Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance

VIXCO's innovative approach aids your organization in boosting efficiency and adhering to legal requirements. When you utilize our service, your employees can quickly and easily grasp essential legal terms, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and errors. This results in improved decision-making, stronger compliance, and reduced legal risks, all of which are vital for your organization's success.

We have visualized for
 Our collaborators

The Kitchen, a startup hub in Aarhus, facilitates our startup. They provide support on business strategies and help us develop into a sustainable business


In the summer of 2023, VIXCO recieved a grant from Grundfos of 25.000 DKK to develop the business potential

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