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We visualize contracts

VIXCO was born out of a simple observation: many organizations face challenges when it comes to effectively handling, communicating, and executing contracts.

This often results in wasted resources, failure to comply with regulations, and internal distrust. In response to this, VIXCO has developed an approach that makes legal documents and obligations more accessible and easy to understand.

Our method is rooted in the belief that while written contracts are essential, a visual representation can serve as a valuable supplement to enhance contract comprehension and management.

Legal Expertise

VIXCO works together with the best to ensure contract expertise you can rely on. Our strategic partners, NSCCM are experts in legal and commercial contract management - and as the only ones in the Nordic countries, they offer certified education in Contract and Commercial Management following internationally recognized standards.

Professor in Contract Law,
René Franz Henschel

René is in our Advisory Board and helps quality assure our work. Besides his position as Professor of Law at Aarhus University, René is a member of the World Commerce & Contracting's Advisory Board and a co-author of several Contract Management textbooks.

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Researching Contract History and Innovation

Co-founder, Peter Due Yding, is currently pursuing a Master's thesis in History with a unique focus on the historical evolution of contracts and innovations in contract management.

His academic journey in the field of History is dedicated to understanding the evolution of contracts and how the lessons from history can shape the way we manage contracts in the present and the future.

Exploring how legal agreements have evolved over time and the pivotal role they have played in business, society, and governance. By examining historical case studies, he seeks to draw valuable insights that can be applied to modern contract management practices.

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